Over the years I’ve made over a hundred of these film and video shorts so far: from 1 minute to 20 minutes, to a one-hour compilation film, which was possible because, lately, I’ve played the same character either of two ways: as an old, quixotic, righteous Don Quixote-on-a-motorcycle, wanna-be “Outlaw Biker” named Emmett Sagittarius Deemus: an elder gentleman riding a funky, old, stolen motorcycle-with-a-side-car in which sits his young, recent hitchhikerpickpocket-sidekick, Willy Jones.

And sometimes Emmett morphs into Barnum Justice, a single, old, homeless doggerel poet and window washer who roams and patrols the beaches, side streets and alleys of Santa Monica, California ranting about “homeless sapiens”, while serving as a neighborhood watchman in defense of his ‘hood: friend and resident alike.

And sometimes I tell stories in person on stage and video tape it.


  1. Debbie LaClair

    I love it, Larry! I’m glad there’s finally an outlet like The Internet to put your creations on!

    • Larry Hankin

      Hey Debbie,

      This response is long overdue but I just figured out how the site works. Thanks for your support on Facebook and here on my site. It’s pure energy, and I use it. Thank you. You’re obviously One of The Ones. Rock on. -Larry H

  2. Lana Read

    I love your art. Stunning! What a complete honor to have you on the podcast! Thank you!

    • Larry Hankin

      This response is long overdue but thanks for your support on Facebook and on this site. your podcast is amazing and I enjoyed your interview. Rock on. Larry H

  3. Autumn Frey

    Thank you for talking to my husband and I !!! We really appreciate that !


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