Over the years I’ve made over a hundred of these film and video shorts so far: from 1 minute to 20 minutes, to a one-hour compilation film, which was possible because, lately, I’ve played the same character either of two ways: as an old, quixotic, righteous Don Quixote-on-a-motorcycle, wanna-be “Outlaw Biker” named Emmett Sagittarius Deemus: an elder gentleman riding a funky, old, stolen motorcycle-with-a-side-car in which sits his young, recent hitchhikerpickpocket-sidekick, Willy Jones.

And sometimes Emmett morphs into Barnum Justice, a single, old, homeless doggerel poet and window washer who roams and patrols the beaches, side streets and alleys of Santa Monica, California ranting about “homeless sapiens”, while serving as a neighborhood watchman in defense of his ‘hood: friend and resident alike.

And sometimes I tell stories in person on stage and video tape it.


  1. Debbie LaClair

    I love it, Larry! I’m glad there’s finally an outlet like The Internet to put your creations on!

    • Larry Hankin

      Hey Debbie,

      This response is long overdue but I just figured out how the site works. Thanks for your support on Facebook and here on my site. It’s pure energy, and I use it. Thank you. You’re obviously One of The Ones. Rock on. -Larry H

  2. Lana Read

    I love your art. Stunning! What a complete honor to have you on the podcast! Thank you!

    • Larry Hankin

      This response is long overdue but thanks for your support on Facebook and on this site. your podcast is amazing and I enjoyed your interview. Rock on. Larry H

  3. Autumn Frey

    Thank you for talking to my husband and I !!! We really appreciate that !

  4. Ivan B. Winograd

    I actually grew up with Larry from 2nd grade thru Far Rockway H.S. We lived down the street from eachother. He was a riot from the get go! My wife was friends with his sister, Carolyn and she and I were friends too, although a few years apart. I last spoke with Larry about 10 years ago. It was a very sweet rehash of Olde Times. Our parents were also friends. I would really like to speak with him. I’ll try his web site.

    • Larry Hankin

      Hey Ivan,
      Long time no speak. I remember Farrockaway fondly & well. I’m still hangin’ in, doing a lot of writing now. Working on getting my screenplay produced with me in it. Hope you’re well and rocking onward. Once ever 5 years I get an email or from, or a notice about Ira Ellenthal’s writings. I hear he’s got a new book out. I’ve always got my nose in one of my projects so I don’t stay in touch much. Be well! – Larry.

  5. Larry Hankin

    P.S.: you can always get in touch with me here on this site or at my email: lhfable@aol.com.

  6. Chuck D.

    Hi Larry,

    Big fan of yours. My friends and I grew up watching you in all of your various movie and tv incarnations throughout the 80’s and 90’s. I’ve been going back recently and doing a Seinfeld rewatch, of course your character in “The Pilot” is hilarious. Love your storytelling on these various podcasts I’ve seen you in over the last couple years, had me cracking up. Great work. Thanks for the many laughs.

  7. Tommy Lentsch

    Congrats Larry on “How to Become an Outlaw”!

    Edie McClurg what can I see razor sharp as always

    Larry the wizard master of all things comic…

    Two Brilliant lines “I don’t think I can win, I don’t even think I can *uck with the point spread.”

    “If I’m going out of business, then you better get down here before I go out of business”

    …I was laughing my ass off now I don’t have to work out. Appreciate that.

    Would love to be a part of any projects you have in the pipeline.


    -Tommy Lentsch

  8. Tony Stevenson

    Just wanted to say Thanks for the Laughs!


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