Larry Hankin is a writer, performer, director, producer and Oscar-nominee – and one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces in the world of character actors.
Larry graduated as an industrial designer from Syracuse University, moved to Greenwich Village with his College Buddy, Carl Gottlieb (who would later write the movie “Jaws”, among others). Once there, Larry started doing stand-up in coffeehouses, and was soon opening for Woody Allen and Miles Davis. He then joined Second City in Chicago, bolted from there to San Francisco with 6 other Second City Runaways and started “The Committee”, a rival improv group.
From there, Larry drifted down to Los Angeles, slept on couches for a few months and, when Penny Marshal needed a tall guy to do a comic dance with on “Laverne and Shirley”, she recalled seeing Larry in “The Committee” in S.F. and invited him on, which got him an agent, and, “I officially became a working actor in Hollywood.”

One of his first jobs after that was “Charley Butz”, a co-starring lead in “Escape from Alcatraz”. His first big paycheck in hand, Larry took a dare from a friend who’s husband was a young camera operator needing “…footage for my cinematography reel”. she dared him to write a film short for himself to direct, play the lead, and produce with her husband as cinematographer, Harry Mathias. one year later their short, “Solly’s Diner”, was nominated for an Academy Award.

Larry has appeared in over 150 films and TV Shows from “Friends” and “Seinfeld” (“Mr. Heckles” and “The Guy Who Stole The Raisins”), to “CSI”, the junkyard owner who crushed the winnebago and sold the huge magnet in “Breaking Bad,” the Russian hitman Slovka in episode 3 of Bill Hader’s Barry, and recently, reprized his role as go-for-Joe, the junkyard dealer in Netflix movie, “El Camino.”

And all-the-while, Larry’s been exploring 2 characters of his own storytelling invention: one is feisty, old, “Emmett Deemus” (“Don Quixote on a motorcycle”, in 3, 10-min. film short “episodes” of, “The Outlaw Emmett Deemus” and as a homeless panhandler in “Emmett” in Peopleland” on Vimeo). The second, “Sometimes Jones” is in a set of funny fables about a young runaway, “The Quirky Fables of Sometimes Jones”, growing into manhood on the streets of an amazingly illogical and ridiculous world.
Exploring both on stage and in his one-man show, “Street Stories”, and in his many film shorts, Larry has recently compiled most of his comic and satiric rants, stories, fables, and Doggerel “pomes” in his book, “The Loopholes Dossier”, which has just been published and distributed worldwide by Bookbaby Publishers in Ebook and Hard Cover versions on all platforms including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Hulu, etc., etc.

The Loopholes Dossier - a satire

Check out Larry's New Book!

Back-in-the-day, Larry Hankin lived homeless for a year. In his new book, “The Loopholes Dossier – a satire”, Larry explores the amazing and comic ways different types of Homo sapiens not only survive, but choose how to define it.


…a delight, like an amalgam of Lewis Carroll stories & Grimm fairy tales, all starring Buster Keaton.

— L.A. Weekly

In the world of Barnum, no conventional wisdom — especially his own — goes unchallenged…a distinct character in a sea of cultural cliches…Hankin makes Barnum paifully alive…Savvy…

— San Francisco Chronicle

…a bright patchwork of characters…

— Dramalogue

Sometimes (Jones) has been compared to Br’er Rabbit & the folk hero analogy is apt…

— S.F. Examiner

…the tall-tale-telling biker rabel Roadrash Jones, is a scrappy hero straight out of folklore.

— L.A. Times

…funny…Sometimes I’m Sometimes Jones.

— George Carlin

Sometimes Jones: Always Funny.

— James Burrows (Prod.Dir.: “Taxi”, “Friends”, etc…)

Sometimes Jones is a Chaplin for our times.

— Michael Dare (Billboard Mag.)

Breaking Bad‘s Junkyard Dog by Steven Karras

Breaking Bad has had its countless supporting actors fill the ranks of drug enforcement agents, Mexican cartel psychopaths, and tweakers in its five seasons of crank-laden high opera. But only Larry Hankin, the veteran actor who played Old Joe…

Howard Hesseman

“Ferlinghetti’s City Lights Books’ publication of Howl put Beat Literature on the map, and it was always known for being an iconoclastic community.” From the moment The Committee opened its doors in April of 1963, its anarchic humor and treatment of difficult...

Paul Willson

"Even though I knew I would never make a penny working with Hankin, whenever he asks me to be in a project of his--to this day--I say, 'How high?'" said actor Paul Willson who has acted in several of Hankin's films. "I also have way too many magazine subscriptions."...

Carl Gottlieb

Even among his contemporaries in The Committee, Hankin was legendary for his ballsy, risk-taking theatrics. Carl Gottlieb, who eventually joined the company after a two-year stint in the US Army, remembers his friend's fearlessness, even in the face of controversy....

Alan Myerson

“Finally, after ten days or so, [director] Alan Myerson decided it’s time to put the ‘Man on the Street’ back on the show. With trepidation, the actors are hovering in the wings, waiting to hear what the audience suggests is the news topic of the day." Amidst that...


  1. Tommy Lentsch

    Larry I appreciate your hard work and dedication to the craft. Wow I just noticed that back when I was a kid I saw you in Escape From Alcatraz. Great start!

    Seinfeld and Friends are definitely standout performances. You’ve done so many which shows what a great character actor you are.

    Much love and prosperity to you!

    -Tommy Lentsch

    • Larry Hankin


      Thanks for the kind words. Stay tuned for more: I ain’t done yet. Next is a comedy Thriller screenplay I just finished and have sent to a producer, and then, the prints you see on another page on my website are going to be on Tee-Shirts on the site in the coming weeks. I already have two that I’m wearing alternately and they’re pretty cool and awesome. One is the “Elephant” print and the other is the “Hood in the Hood” print on a white Teeshirt.

      Rock on!
      Larry Hankin

  2. Ann Marie

    Saw you in an episode of That Girl. In a theatre scene. That was you, am I right?

    • Larry Hankin

      Ann Marie,

      It was me in “That Girl” but i don’t remember what scenes I was in, but it was probably me in that scene.

    • Larry

      Ann, Yep, me. Sorry for the long wait for a reply but I’ve been busy. Thankfully. rock on.

  3. Jaime

    Hello we are a youth program in Barcelona called “Zoom Hits”, which is one of the sections is to interview artists from the whole session, We wanted to know if we can make an interview with Larry Hankin. We have interviewed to important people in te world of music and cinema. Greetings, I wait for an answer!

  4. Al

    Larry, you’re a national treasure. A deep, beautiful, creative soul, with the warmest of personalities. Thank you so much for the brilliant Cameo message for my wife, it was beyond perfect. I can’t wait to read The Loopholes Dossier!

    Your fan for life, Al.

    • Larry Hankin

      Thanks for the kind words. I do my best. I wish you and your wife the best, too.

      Rock onward,
      Larry Hankin

  5. Larry Hankin


    Thank you for considering me. I’d be happy to be interviewed by “Zoom Hits”. I emailed you privately.

    Larry Hankin

  6. Annie

    Hi Larry!

    You are an incredible human. I’m sure you get this all the time, but my husband and I truly LOVE your work. You are such a brilliant and skillful actor, every time we see you in something – even if it is just one line – we get incredibly excited and audibly cheer – Larrrrry! – Forget Larry David! Your body of work is out of control! I recently rewatched your version of Kramer – you just killed it! You’re somehow able to get so much depth across, even in the shortest of scenes. A true artist! Speaking of which – your graphic/fine art is wonderful too! “Sad Lady” is quarantine to a T 😉

    I hope you are doing well within this crazy quarantine. I tried to write a more substantial intro in my cameo request but it limited me to 250 characters! It wouldn’t suffice for you Lar 😛


  7. Steffi Glass

    Dear Larry,
    I’ve been looking for you for half a century — IF you played a character called Marvin Gardens way back in the day. Maybe with The Committee? I knew you were a comic giant then, as history now demonstrates. All the best from a longtime — a really longtime fan!

    • Camille

      Hello Larry. I do not know many of your shows or you background. I am making it a point to read it and get to know the Real Larry. I first saw you on Friends. I liked the character from the start. I can’t explain. I wish you had more scenes on there tho. I messaged you om Facebook and didnt think I would get a reply but I did. And I know it was truly you who replied. You made my day,week,month and even year. I really missed you on Friends after that episode. Thank you for keeping me on my seat when you were on. Thank you for everything. When that episode came and I saw you passed away I was terrified. I was so unhappy. It really felt like we were losing a best secondary character. But I was so happy to have had you on there for a while. Sorry for this long message. Just want to thank you. Not just for Mr Heckles but everything. Xx Love ya Larry☆

      A fan from South-Africa

    • Larry Hankin

      Ye it was me in the Committee doing that character. what a memory! thanks for hangin’ in there. More to come, soon. rock on.


      • Larry Hankin

        Camille, Thanks for the great feedback. More to come. Stay tuned!


    • Larry Hankin

      Yes, it was me in the Committee doing that character. what a memory! thanks for hangin’ in there. More to come, soon. rock on.


  8. Cam Logan Brauer

    Inside The Guest Studio

    Hello sir,

    I’m Cam Logan Brauer, host of Inside the Guest Studio. This month I said goodbye to My Alien Life Podcast after 124 shows.

    Inside The Guest Studio starts this summer and we are looking for interesting guests for our new programming. We tell the story behind the experience. I’d love to talk to you about your career and life .

    Our new format looks like this:

    Kreskin-The Amazing Life and More
    Whitley Strieber – The Man Who Can’Shake ET
    Jad Fair – The Biggest Rock Star You’ve never Heard Of
    Josh Merrit – BBC Writer Who Will Become Super Producer
    John Lear – Godfather of Conspiracy
    Timothy Earl – Catholic Church Exorcist
    Julian Vayne – Psychedelic Drugs are Life
    Richard Doty – OSI and Aliens
    David Fair – Eclectic Musician and Prolific Painter
    Ken Perenyi – America’s Most Famous Art Forger

    Basically it’s for people who have a story to tell. We showcase you and your life behind the experience! This is tastefully done without political slants or agendas.

    FYI – We do the show via Skype or phone. It takes about 70 minutes.

    Our home is in Somers Montana.

    We are currently booking for the summer and would love to have you. Will you be our guest?



  9. Ben Smith


    My wife and I were recently enjoying some Disney+ classics with our 16 month old son, and came across a familiar face under a beard as a station worker in the movie ‘My Dog, the Thief’. However, I looked everywhere to see your name as the station worker for Southern California radio station KPAE, opposite Baker (Jim Begg), but I did not find a full cast and crew or uncredited verification that it was you. So, is my celebrity spotting accurate on this being one of your uncredited roles during your earlier years Mr. Larry Hankin?

    Kind Regards,
    Ben, Dani, and Daxton

    • Larry Hankin

      I don’t recall being in that movie, Ben. wish I was. It’d be another residual.

  10. Chris Schultz

    Larry, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us about Bob Dylan. We had a blast. We’ll definitely have to sit and chat about esoteric things in the future!

    -Chris & Aaron @ Esoterica the Podcast

    • Eric

      Was that you as the exterminator in “Mr. Mom” and played a delivery man in an episode of “Three’s Company?”

  11. Cathy

    Hello Larry,

    I have seen some of your work and was just reading about all of your career from it’s beginning.

    Your are so interesting as well as talented. I hope you have been safe during this pandemic.

    Watching Daily reruns of Friends became part of my routine 😊

    Wishing you all things good,


    Staten Island,New York

  12. Catherine Frances

    OMG! Larry! Loved you in Friends. I am a writer/producer and we are currently packaging a Cold War thriller – true story with humor. You are SO the retired investigator!
    Have your people contact my people – no wait, I am my people, so contact us, if they would like to learn more.

  13. lori

    larry! i saw your interview with my friend mike, the scene snob, on his podcast and i really loved hearing your stories about the path your career has taken you on! you made me laugh out loud a few times! i came to your site for a t-shirt because your art is fantastic! i will check back.

  14. Matteo Masiello

    Question about your t-shirt art. Were these paintings done with people posing for you or scenes you observed from memory? They have a photorealist quality to them which are very interesting.

  15. Larry Hankin

    Generally from all three: Real people in an interesting pose or position, from a newspaper photo that has something interesting in it that I’ll single out, or something I just make up. It’s a crap shoot of input and selection.


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