Back-in-the-day I started in show biz as a funny-storyteller in coffee houses in Greenwich Village on open-mike nights with hippies and folkies and Rock ‘n Roller’s. Now, I can tell the same kinds of stories on the web to you on your smartphone while you’re on a crosstown bus, or at your home in a book, or on Blue Ray, or DVD, 8K wide screen, laptop or desktop, and be in it, too.

Cool. On the other hand, open mike nights were a lot easier & cheaper to mount logistically and there’s no waiting for reviews or honest feedback.

The book cover of "That Guy" by Larry Hankin

That Guy

A Cautionary Memoir

After a confrontational Graduation Day, I decided to run away with a Show
Business Circus. Went to Greenwich Village and started bussing bars between
2am and 6am while doing Open Mic Nites at the coffee-houses all over The Village.
Within a couple of months, I was opening for Woody Allen, Miles Davis, The
Kingston Trio, on to “Second City” in Chicago, became a Founding Member of
“The Committee” – A San Francisco attraction rivaling Second City, co-starred
or was featured in Escape from Alcatraz, Friends, Seinfeld, Trains, Planes and
Automobiles, Home Alone, Billy Madison, Breaking Bad, El Camino, Barry, etc.

Within my first year an angry roommate was holding a knife to my throat. It
turned out to be more of a “Carny” Show involving money, lots of rejections, The
Police, and rent: A cautionary tale.

I’ve had an amazing, sometimes life-threatening, and rewarding life, and I
wouldn’t trade it for a normal life even if one really existed.

How To Become An Outlaw

A semi-hemi-demi-experimental mockumentary character study about a character I invented, wrote, taped, filmed, and searched for over an 8-year period, finally found, and boiled down to a cool, 58 minute comic narrative film.

With cameo appearances by Fred Willard, Howard Hesseman, Jeff Garlin, Richard Libertini, Paul Willson, and etc…

How To
An Outlaw

(59 minutes)

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