Back-in-the-day I started in show biz as a funny-storyteller in coffee houses in Greenwich Village on open-mike nights with hippies and folkies and Rock ‘n Roller’s. Now, I can tell the same kinds of stories on the web to you on your smartphone while you’re on a crosstown bus, or at your home in a book, or on Blue Ray, or DVD, 8K wide screen, laptop or desktop, and be in it, too.

Cool. On the other hand, open mike nights were a lot easier & cheaper to mount logistically and there’s no waiting for reviews or honest feedback.

The Loopholes Dossier - a satire

Check out Larry's New Book!

Back-in-the-day, Larry Hankin lived homeless for a year. In his new book, “The Loopholes Dossier – a satire”, Larry explores the amazing and comic ways different types of Homo sapiens not only survive, but choose how to define it.


…a delight, like an amalgam of Lewis Carroll stories & Grimm fairy tales, all starring Buster Keaton.

— L.A. Weekly

In the world of Barnum, no conventional wisdom — especially his own — goes unchallenged…a distinct character in a sea of cultural cliches…Hankin makes Barnum paifully alive…Savvy…

— San Francisco Chronicle

…a bright patchwork of characters…

— Dramalogue

Sometimes (Jones) has been compared to Br’er Rabbit & the folk hero analogy is apt…

— S.F. Examiner

…the tall-tale-telling biker rabel Roadrash Jones, is a scrappy hero straight out of folklore.

— L.A. Times

…funny…Sometimes I’m Sometimes Jones.

— George Carlin

Sometimes Jones: Always Funny.

— James Burrows (Prod.Dir.: “Taxi”, “Friends”, etc…)

Sometimes Jones is a Chaplin for our times.

— Michael Dare (Billboard Mag.)

Disclaimer: This is the ONLY official website of Larry Hankin. We do NOT associate with any other impersonated websites.

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